The bulk of my experience is in written journalism, but I love exploring new frontiers. You’ll see writing of traditional word count-based articles here but also unrestricted digital articles as well as TV scripts. Selected clips are below – for more examples, please visit


NBC News invents the script for a twice-daily Snapchat news show – embargoed story

Expanding post-Y Combinator, OMGDigital wants to win the African millennial media market – an in-depth feature on the nuts and bolts of a news outlet

Vox’s healthcare newsletter (with ads sold out) is filling a role beyond “articles on the Internet” – reporting on a timely trend in the industry

The Wall Street Journal shutters 8 blogs: The “tools for telling” stories have changed – daily story reported during a holiday weekend received more views than usual

Verizon shows Yahoo News Digest, a finite news app, the door – another example of daily story reporting on an industry trend



Two-Time Cancer Survivor Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro, Raises $120K for Research: I interviewed the cancer survivor, wrote this article, and developed a gallery using the photos provided by the survivor. The station later featured her in a news segment on the story as well.

March Election: What to Know About Measure S: I wrote the web explainer breaking down the facts behind the Measure S supporters, opponents, and the ballot itself, in addition to assisting the reporter with the content for the newscast segment.

Man Deported 5 Times Since 1998 Charged in DUI Crash That Killed North Hills Woman: This is one example of dozens of stories I produced for the NBC4 website, writing it based off of the raw and edited content sent in by a reporter and a photographer.

In addition to my web articles, event logs, and news briefings, I also wrote VOs, SOTs, and packages, some of which were preliminary and some of which were actually used in the shows. You can see a compilation of scripts here: Christine Schmidt KNBC Sample Scripts


Life, and a Death, in Mount Greenwood: the most personal story I’ve written to date, after an off-duty officer shot and killed a black man in the neighborhood where I grew up. I wrote this with the goal of giving a comprehensive picture of the environment in which this happened. [Cover story]

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.55.04 AM

What it means to be young, gay and Muslim in the wake of Orlando [Sunday A1 feature]

Once a downtown eyesore, Dallas’ Butler Bros. Building is ready for residents [Monday A1 feature]

Almost American: Celebrating the 4th of July while stuck in citizenship limbo [Holiday A1 feature]

Downtown and the Cedars look to bridge the Canyon that divides them [collaborative project with transportation reporter named Dallas’s best reporter in 2016]

Dallas recycling stuck at only half its goal for ‘zero waste

Dallas-area cities asked to consider aerial spraying for West Nile ‘outbreak’

Continuing coverage after five officers were gunned down in an ambush on July 7, 2016:

Hundreds pray for fallen officers at Dallas deck park service, other vigils

Who was Micah Johnson? [contributing credit]


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.23.38 AM

As part of The Chicago Maroon:

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist named as IOP Fellow – August 18, 2016

Both sides plan next steps in divestment fight – April 15, 2016

[in-depth] Looking back: Aramark’s history on campus – February 19, 2016

Fourth-year injured in collision while studying abroad – March 6, 2014

Campus awaits surveys, Diversity Advisory Council – December 16, 2014

4 dorms may close with Campus North – October 7, 2014

Comments at IOP spark controversy – May 30, 2014

Harper Court effects still shaking out for 53rd Street businesses – April 18, 2014

Most of my articles at the Maroon come from my time as a staff reporter; in September 2014 I became a News Editor and focused my time more on managing and editing the section, including mentoring new writers with their articles. Most recently I’ve served as Senior News Editor, providing guidance and support with in-depth and breaking news as needed.


As a reporter for the Chicago Maroon’s quarterly in-depth magazine:

From an Ivory Tower to an Anchor Institution

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.52.11 AM

As a College Media Editor for the UChicago College website: 

When Jordan Met Michelle

Off-Off Campus and the Revival: “A Whole New Era”

Sam Boland: Ebola Worker, Truman and Marshall Scholars

40 Hours in Iowa with the Institute of Politics

SE logo

As the Communications Intern at Sunshine Enterprises/Sunshine Gospel Ministries:

A Day in the Life of Greenline Coffee

Success Story: Iva Elliott, Girl Goodies

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.24.21 AM

 As the Communications Intern at the University Community Service Center (UCSC):

 UCSC newsletter | UCSC gives thanks – November 26, 2014, via MailChimp, to more than 2,000 subscribers

Commuknity: The Most Closely-Knit CSRSO at UChicago – January 24, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.25.31 AM

As a Staff Reporter at Built in Chicago:

 Innovation lab to launch in old West Loop manufacturing plant – August 31, 2014

4 Chicago-area university entrepreneurship centers to know this fall – August 27, 2014 (received more than 1,100 page views)

 With $13.1 million, Wayin will expand internationally and encourage women in tech – July 9, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.26.27 AM

As an Associate Contributor at the Beverly-Mt. Greenwood Patch:

Mount Greenwood Community Church Celebrates 100th Year – July 28, 2013

From Pension Reform to Concealed Carry, State Rep. Fran Hurley Reflects on First Months in Office – July 27, 2013

Firefighters Battle It Out to Help Kids Fight Cancer – July 28, 2013

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