Producing (Digital, Field, Segment)

At KNBC in Los Angeles, I worked primarily alongside senior political reporter Conan Nolan on producing, reporting, and editing political segments for the daily newscasts and for his weekly interview show. I also worked with the digital team to translate a range of video segments from the evening newscasts into text stories for the website and uploaded them with the videos on the NBCUniversal CMS.

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“Measure S Housing Battle” – I interviewed the leader of the political group campaigning for the passage of Measure S, a measure on the ballot in the March municipal election that some argued was misleadingly worded for its actual intent. I assisted Conan with editing this segment, assisted with his live shot, and prepared a digital voter guide to accompany the posted video.

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“News Conference: Los Angeles’ Measure S Debated” – I assistant produced several of the Sunday “News Conference” shows alongside host Conan Nolan and show producer Yvonne Guevara. For this episode in particular, I prepared background research, suggested questions for the debate, welcomed guests to the studio, timed the segments, and worked with an editor on Final Cut Pro making editorial judgements about the content and flow of this segment.

“The North Hollywood Bank Shootout” – In anticipation of the 20th anniversary of a massive police effort in Los Angeles, I prepared an interactive timeline of the event based on decades-old raw and edited video clips, newspaper articles, and police records.

“Quiz: Are You the Biggest Lakers Trivia Buff?” – In collaboration with a sports reporter, I developed a quiz based on the Engaging News Project’s platform to test readers’ knowledge about L.A.’s basketball team.


My video editing skills have been honed primarily through iMovie. Examples of this are linked below to YouTube. To see examples of my video storytelling on Snapchat, please go to the Social section of this website.

  • #clinksfortinks – a surprise video I put together by secretly interviewing my sister and her fiance, shown at their bridal shower in anticipation of their fall 2016 wedding. It includes sound effects and cartoons, which was plain old fun to do.

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  • Oak Cove: ‘Pure Michigan’ – footage compiled from a family vacation at mom-and-pop resort, voiceover from Pure Michigan commercial; it’s featured on the homepage of the resort’s website with more than 3,000 views.

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  • A Day in the Life of a Red Moon Intern – for my job at the University Community Service Center, documenting the opportunities and experiences available through an internship at a community performance art organization.

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Photos taken with iPhone and Nikon. Edited on iPhoto.

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The picture captioned “Brother Rice…” received Excellent Honors from the 2013 McCormick Foundation High School Media Awards at the Scholastic Press Association of Chicago 21st Annual Workshop.